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FGroovies 2015 TP 8in-1-white-96Here it is. Dennis Loren just sent me the final. How cool is this! It’s another incredible Cyril Jordan Poster Design for the Nov 2015 Tour. Posters will be available at the shows, or until they sell out. As always – they will be available at Cahoots Graffix / Blue Moon Posters. Hit the Flamin’ Groovies Merch tab. Then go to – 007 – Flamin Groovies.

I will be at Sweetwater, Nov 6th, selling posters and T-Shirts. See you there!!!

12/28/2014 – I just came across these Flamin’ Groovies (posters/handbills? not really sure.) Thanks to Brad. I got xerox copies, but you get the point. The Santuary was at South Shore, Lake Tahoe. The shows were June 28-29, 1968 and July 26-28, 1968. If anyone has one, please contact me. I also got 5 (#2-6) of the Monthy magazines, by Miriam. More on them later.